Membership Benefits

1. Expand your business network

Network with your peers and top business leaders thanks to our frequent networking events , workshop and training.

2. Increase your visibility

Be listed in the unique reference for people interested in doing business with or within the French Business Community in Kenya. Be listed in the online Members’ Directory with updated details and a link to your company’s own website.

3. Develop your team

With French Chamber find the perfect talent, work in our Business centre, benefit from the Chamber training, and build your team through the ‘French Touch’ Program.

4. Understand local context

Network with local counterparts and Kenyan businesses through our monthly conference with expert on local concern.

5. Defend common interest

The objective is to raise common matters / concerns in order to share on best practices but also if needed raised solution collectively to concerned actors.

6. Enjoy privileges

It allows you to reach new customers, attract French Chambers International Community and get exposure and visibility for free. click here for more